Quickly Lose Weight With The Afterburn Effect and Burn More Calories While You Sleep!

Looking for a way to effectively shed pounds of fat without spending endless hours on a treadmill? Read on to find out how you can use the afterburn effect to:

  • Quickly burn excess body fat and lose weight.
  • Spend less time working out.
  • Get the body you want, FAST.

The Afterburn Effect is a reaction produced by your body in response to certain types of exercise. You can take advantage of it to help burn off as much fat as possible – for as long as 24 hours after your workout!

What is the afterburn effect?

Otherwise know as Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption, or EPOC, the after burn effect is an increase in metabolic function following strenuous exercise.

This includes all types of exercise, but it is the way that we perform the workout that is going to kick our EPOC into overdrive so that we burn off extra calories for the rest of the day and even while we sleep!
ripped body

The afterburn effect is not a new discovery – it is simply raising your metabolism to burn more calories over the course of the day. However, only recently has it been recognised as one of the most effective ways to lose weight.

So, how can you max out your afterburner to make sure you are burning as many calories as possible? It is actually very simple and is all to do with the intensity level that you workout at.

You’ve probably heard of weight loss programs like P90X and RUSHFIT from Georges St-Pierre and seen all of the testimonials to go with them.

Well many of these programmes are based around high intensity training and the afterburn effect, which is why they can be so effective for losing weight and burning excess fat in the right hands.

Here’s a video below of Mike Chang discussing the afterburn effect:

The video above discusses how you can raise your metabolism by performing compound exercises, ie. exercises that work multiple muscle groups, such as bench press, squats and pull ups. Focus also needs to be placed on the number of reps you do and the rest times between sets, as well as the amount of weight that you are lifting. These are so effective because each exercise focuses on lots of different muscles, rather than concentrating on one set eg bicep curls or leg extensions.

This is a great way to do it, but you can have even more impressive results if you throw a bit of cardio into the mix as well. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend an hour or two on the treadmill or cross trainer to achieve the best results. In fact it is actually better to spend less time on the treadmill and to focus on the levels of intensity that you are running at. To maximise the afterburn effect you need to concentrate on High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT.


six pack absHigh Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is when you perform a short burst of exercise at full intensity followed by a short rest period. After the rest period, you will perform another sprint followed by a rest period, and continue the cycle. The amount of time you should be sprinting and resting for is up for debate but a 1:1 ratio (30s sprint followed by a 30s rest) or 2:1 ratio (30s sprint:15s rest) is a good place to start. A complete HIIT workout can last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes.

Don’t think that you need to do loads of running to be able to perform HIIT. Almost any type of cardio exercise can be adapted to interval training. Anything from boxing to rowing to swimming to rope jumping. Be creative!

Scientific Research

Surprisingly little has been fully understood with regards to the most effective way to maximise your afterburn effect. One of the problems being the amount of possible variables. For example intensity level, set length, rest period length, total workout time all play apart as well as each individual person’s body composition and resting metabolisms.

An number of studies have compared the effectiveness of high intensity interval training when compared with endurance training. One experiment showed that 2.5 hours of interval training produced the same effect on the muscles as 10.5 hours of endurance training, with comparable endurance performance increases. Another showed an increase metabolic rate for up to 24 hours post exercise but also a potential increase in maximal oxygen consumption when compared with traditional endurance workouts. Interestingly it has also been shown that high intensity training can also be used to improve an athletes performance and push them past a dreaded plateau much more effectively than long aerobic training. One study in particular showed that a rower was able to see a 2 percent improvement in rowing time over 2000m after only 7 interval training sessions spread over 4 weeks.

Although we all want to get ripped and look great, these types of workout have also shown promise for improving ones general health. Recent studies have showin significant increases in insulin levels of young men after fifteen weeks of regular interval training as well as reduced body fat meaning HIIT could be a potential method to prevent diabetes in those susceptible. Likewise, other study also concluded that these training methods could also be used for improving the risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

A little about diet…

While these types of workout are great for kicking your metabolism into overdrive, it will be for nothing if you keep wolfing down the pizza and soft drinks. The saying “abs aren’t made in the gym, they’re made in the kitchen” exists for a reason – because it’s true! So this means you should be concentrating on what you put into your body as much, if not more, than your workouts. This means LOTS of fruit and vegetables – brocoli, beans, spinach, and plenty of lean protein – egg whites, chicken, salmon and tuna are all great sources of these. Brown rice is a great source of carbohydrates.

Fruit makes a fantastic replacement for snacks so make sure you keep your house nicely stocked up. Then instead of diving for the bag of crisps or the chocolate when you get the munchies, try an apple or a juicy orange instead. Your body will thank you later.

Not only will eating a lot of these foods and sticking to a fat loss diet help you get nice and lean, but you’ll also feel much healthier. There are plenty of effective weight loss plans out there, but I’d recommend learning which foods you should and shouldn’t eat and creating your own plan accordingly. That way you will enjoy the diet instead of resenting it.

Now you know the basics of the afterburn effect check out some more training methods to help get you into shape.

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  1. Hey man is there any chance you could give some examples of the best workouts to do to maximize the afterburn effect? Thanks

  2. Hey man, I’ve been going to the gym regularly but the changes are hardly noticible. Should I to high intensity training (eg spint, rest at 2:1 ratio) for say, 15 minutes every other day?
    And do weights when? Thanks

  3. Wow. I read this web page this morning, and I was astonished by the meathods. I actually tried out some of the techniques at the gym a couple of hours ago. I can feel the difference already.

  4. Hi. I’ve watching alot of these videos recently and have been getting to do alot of these workouts. But I am just wondering whether or not these workouts suit people of younger age. I’m 14 and I’m determined to get fit but I wasn’t sure if this will work or if I may get injured.

    1. Hi, as long as you do exercises within your limits then you should be fine, eat healthy, and work your way into a rhythm and you won’t hurt yourself, if anything your limits will become more extreme the longer you do this, I’m 21 I did sprints at the track in my highschool, I’d sprint the straights and walk the curves I never did any ab workouts but i had a nice 8-pack going on, now I’m getting back into this (getting a job and money was a bad thing for me haha too much junk food)… Good luck with your exercises!

  5. Sir i am training my body for 3 months but not getting the results as desired one , i m bit depresses yes i am increasing weight lifts but still muscle growth is less and i have fat on my belle and i m unable to lose that fat after having a healthy diet also , i hv just started taking protein also just last week so plz help me out here

  6. If I have that salt craving, I dive for a bag of dulse. It’s an edible sea veggie. It gives me a whole slew of macro and micro nutrients and it gives me that salt hit I need.. while having less sodium than crisps. It’s nummy

  7. Fantastic post! I know that if I can’t make being fit and losing weight fun, I will never get the motivation to do anything healthy. I find that if I play a sport that I like such as basketball or if I take my dog for a run and play frisbee works well. Anything is better than running around in circles on a track or sitting on a stationary bicycle all day.

    Likewise, simply dieting or starving yourself isn’t going to last if you want to
    lose weight quickly. One of the things that I like to do is to shop around at local
    markets to find really tasty but very healthy foods so that my brain associates eating healthy with tasting good.

    Anyway, thanks for the post. I am always looking for new ways to
    stay fit and lost weight. A lot of people who need help losing weight or getting fit will appreciate

  8. Hay guys,

    I kinda used this method without knowing and I can tell u: it rly works! I went running at the beggining of the training for like 10-13 min every time and trained with low weight but much repetitions. When u hear that u think he’ll enver reach what he wants but the point is that this training is much harder and efforts more energy than just lifting much weight. I lost in 3 months 10 kg and was so proud of me. I stoped training and now added again like 5 kg. After starting training again I asked myself why I can’t lose like lsat time my fat: While i read this blog i realised the mistake of mine was that I stoped runnin’ in the beggining of my workout!

  9. Hey so I’ve been reading up on this and what I want to know is how often should you do this? Should it be 3 times a week or once a week mixed a more regular weight lifting program or every other day? Thanks!

  10. well ive been into weight lifting while she needs to change up her work out schedule obviously and lift heavier weight with lower reps

  11. ive been trying to lose my chest fat for years now, and i dont just work on my chest but my whole body. im 17, ive been eating a lot healthier, and im trying Fasting to help lose the body fast but i couldnt really do it as good as i want. i dont eat fast food or anything and i manly worked out everyday but it starting to get depressing. help

  12. Hey im 14 and i only workout occasionally. There is this girl I like and I want to ask her out but I’m fat and out of shape. About how long will it take for me to lose at least 7kg? Thanks for answering my question.

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